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In-Home Care

Questions you may have


Who Provides In-Home Care?

ExpectCare, LLC provides for each of these services as well as Case Management and Social Worker assistance should the needs be identified.

Who Pays for In-Home Care?

This depends on the care you need, the type of insurance you have, and whether you are eligible for certain government programs.

Private Pay and Insurance

People who use in-home care services often pay most of the cost themselves; however, there are other resources for which we accept payment such as Veterans Benefits, Workers’ Compensation, and Long Term Care Insurance.

Some private health insurance and long-term care insurance policies cover certain in-home care services. Policies vary in their coverage.

Read your policy carefully. Contact your insurance company if you have questions. If you have coverage, be sure to ask the in-home care agency if they accept your insurance. Other questions to ask include:

  • What services are covered?
  • How long are services covered?
  • What are the restrictions? (Prior hospitalization? Level of care?)